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Everjourn - Our Story


Everjourn is modern outerwear made with classic, natural textiles in an effort to address an emerging problem; the manufacture of conventional synthetic outerwear contributes to larger-scale pollution of microplastics and VOC's. When we're on the trail we live by 'Leave-No-Trace', yet paradoxically, our outerwear is petroleum-based, uses toxic finishes, pollutes the ocean when washed and is made on a disposable, fast-fashion production cycle.

Everjourn is the result of expanding the reach of the 'Leave-No-Trace' philosophy further beyond the trailhead and to the clothing and equipment we bring to the trails. With new and emerging technologies being applied to natural textiles, this is a new and sustainable framework for outdoor gear. Our philosophy is based on making technical clothing from biodegradable, low-wash, natural textiles for outerwear that is not plastic based and is chemical free. Furthermore, we raise the expectations to manufacture this clothing in world class facilities in the EU that pay living wages, have health programs, give vacations and work standard-hour days. We are a small, customer-direct, independent company based in Spain that prioritizes the planet and our customers over the unfortunately common motives of mass-distribution, harmful production and investor profits.

We at Everjourn are happiest when we are outside, exploring. We are designers and makers who are outdoors people, who, like you, love a good adventure. Life is simple when you’re under star-filled summer skies sitting beside the cracking sounds of a campfire. We too are fulfilled, and have a sense of satisfaction when resting tired legs after an exhausting hike, or a long bike, while regaling trail stories with friends. We too, subscribe to 'Leave No Trace' and Everjourn is the result of our efforts and that commitment.

Join us on this journey