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Classique LT Camp Socks


A lighter weight version of the Classique sock for a little less warmth but the same comfort, breathability and durability. Keep your feet at their best in light hikers or hiking shoes. Traditional Canadiana!

A bit more about the Classique LT Camp Socks:
• Made with wool (heat regulation, moisture control and anti-odour)
• Double twisted yarn for added durability
• Crew length (20cm / 8'')
• Made entirely in Canada with Canadian-made materials

How to care: 
• Machine wash cold with like colours 
• Wash inside-out
• Hang to dry

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Our Classique LT sock is 100% made in Canada by Les Tricots Duval & Raymond based in Princeville, Quebec. Established in 1939 they more than a half century manufacturing experience, and even more hours walking though the vast Canadian landscape, and surviving the -40C Quebec winters. It's with this knowledge and experinece that the very finest of wool socks are made.

The Classique LTis a lighter, cooler vesion of the Classique Camp sock is a traditional fitting wool sock, with an 20cm (8") height.  

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